What Greg Speaks On

The following are standard talks for Greg. They can run from 35 to 75 minutes.

Advertising is Dead. Long Live Advertising Audience: Media Companies, Publishers, Marketers and Agency

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Given 47% of campaigns fail, what makes the average marketer think theirs don’t fail? Revolutionary research amongst 30 of the world’s best marketers has reveals why they fail and what you can specifically do to insure they succeed, and in a big way. Greg gives the audience very specific tips on what can done today to increase advertising effectiveness by over 100% before they even leave the room. He also points out for the future is going and how you can capitalize on it. Old Advertising is Dead. No longer can we as marketing and media professionals do what we’ve done before. But good riddance. There’s never been a more exciting time to be in Advertising. What with Social Media being bigger than content, Mobile finally taking off and Exchanges, Networks, Creative Customizers, Verification Services, oh my! And yet there are some well researched basic principles that can be used to change a marketer’s world like never before. This talk highlights actions that can be taken TODAY to improve campaigns by 100% to 1,000% immediately. And best of all, these changes can be performed by Marketers, the Agency or EVEN the Online Media Publisher.

What If We Were Wrong? (And Unfortunately We are All too Often, But Something Can be Done About It) Audience: Marketers and Agency Personnel


Why Marketers (and their agencies) will Destroy Us. And What You Can do to Stop Them Audience: Media Companies & Online Publishers / Ad Networks

If Marketers and their Agencies aren’t going to take responsibility for advertising effectiveness, what can you as a publisher do? It should be obvious that media companies have the incentive to make their product more valuable to the marketer corporation. But how to do that? And what is the gain in doing so. Remember, even in the past, Media received 85% of an advertiser's spend so they are big winner in getting this right.

First given to the Association of National Advertiser’s Conference, this talk highlights how financially and business oriented members of the Marketer’s corporation in their efforts to provide value back to the corporation are getting it all wrong. More than a dozen audience members followed-up after the first time this talk was given to say, “OMG, you are so right, we’ve gotten it all wrong”. This talk is not based on the usual marketing hype but based on a simple quantitative argument

Are You Missing the Point (And The Real Value)? Audience: CFO’s & CEO’s


Other Workshops & Expertise

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